Sound piece for “Paradiesplatz – Das Innere”, Dresden

Opening, September 24th 2022

Installation on the banks of the Elbe with three PARADIESPLATZ forums
and a radio play (Östliches Terrassenufer, 01069 Dresden)

24.09. until 6.11.2022

Svea Duwe/ Bettina Lehmann/ Roswitha Maul

On the Terrassenufer, the Elbe promenade in Dresden and directly opposite the Ministry of the Interior, simple color and structural interventions transform an existing, rather neglected place into the first paradise square in Dresden. Gilded benches, an audio installation, conversations with passers-by and regular performances invite reflection and exchange about what we hoard, preserve and secure and why, and what is desirable or conceivable as an ideal state in terms of prosperity, memory, security and seed.

Other artistic participants include Steffen Koritsch, Isabell Sterner, Josef Panda, Christian Rätsch, and Sarah Bonitz.

Sat. 24.09. 15-18Uhr Opening “PARADIESPLATZ – das Innere” & Start “das Innere – Hörstück”.

Wed. 28.09. 18-20Uhr Forum “Prosperity” with Sarah Bonitz and Christian Rätsch

Wed. 12.10. 18-20Uhr Forum “Memory & Security” with Josef Panda and Isabell Sterner

Wed. 19.10. 18-20Uhr Forum “Seed”; seed exchange with Anja Jurkenas and Christian Rätsch

At the same time, in the KABINETT of the Zentralwerk, the space-related projection “THE doors” 1996 by AK Dolven refers to the place as a hoard of its history.

The PARADIESPLATZ Forums & the Inner Hörstück take place within the framework of “Bleibt neugierig. City of Culture Dresden 2022”.